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What We Do

We use tried, tested, and proven methods to forge a lead generation
strategy that improves your number of leads and increases the quality. Using
a range of marketing tools, sales platforms, and analytics technology, Celx helps your business create a lead generation strategy that delivers consistently.

Process Creation

Firstly, we’ll assess your current lead generation processes, sales cycle, and the platforms you use. This allows us to decide if a complete overhaul is needed or refining modifications.

From here, we’ll begin creating a new lead generation process, factoring in all touchpoints, every level of the sales funnel, and the resources you have to successfully implement it.

Our purpose is to build an efficient process that works for you, your team, and your potential customers, resulting in the removal of unqualified leads and an influx of high-quality leads.

Technology Implementation

Many businesses don’t use technology to their advantage. Sophisticated CRM systems embrace automated workflow and triggers, making it ridiculously easy for your business to implement a complicated lead generation process.

We’ll take your newly created strategy and sales funnel, and build them into a CRM system that has all the management, tracking, and reporting capabilities you need.

Now, you’ll be able to push leads through an optimized lead generation process that takes them seamlessly from unqualified to customer.

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